Acknowledge A Representative Who Is American Workers First

We do not care what you say.  All politicians will claim to be American Workers First.  We need politicians that prove it through their votes. If you do not support our six American Workers First tenets:

  1. End Right to Work
  2. National Call Center Legislation
  3. Stop Offshoring Federal Contracts
  4. Abolish Citizens United
  5. Living Wages For All American Workers
  6. Fix the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

Then you are not truly being American Workers First.  Words mean nothing – we will be judging you on your actions and how you vote. We want to acknowledge those that are on record working for the American middle-class and demand better from those who are not.  We need your help in identifying those representatives.  Please use our Contact Form to send us the names of who we need to spotlight.

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