H.R. 3219 – Why Every American Should Know This Bill

House of Representatives Bill 3219 is the United States Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act of 2019. The purpose of the bill is to deter American companies from sending call center and service jobs to foreign countries. It was re-introduced on June 12th, 2019 by Congressman Mark Pocan (DEMOCRAT) of Wisconsin and Congressman David McKinley (REPUBLICAN) of West Virginia. This bipartisan bill is designed to place roadblocks on corporations to keep them from sending American jobs overseas and incentivize them to locate in the United States.



Because this piece of legislation would benefit ALL of us. Here is what the bill does:

It would enact a public list showing companies that have sent call center work overseas. This would create public awareness and accountability for the mega-corporations that are eliminating American jobs.

The bill would also make these ‘bad actors’ ineligible for federal grants or guaranteed loans. There is no reason why businesses that are choosing to close call centers in the United States and layoff hardworking Americans should be receiving any kind of financial support or consideration from our government. If that is how they wish to run their business so be it, but those choices should come with a consequence. The United States Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act of 2019 fosters positive American workers first behaviors to reward companies for keeping those jobs here at home.

Call Center Keep Jobs in America

Overseas call center representatives would also be forced by the bill to disclose their locations to customers. It would require them to transfer callers to service agents physically located in the United States when requested. Consumers would no longer have to deal with being passed around from the Philippines to India to Jamaica to Mexico, spinning the roulette wheel while attempting to get someone in America to address their concerns. This is a common sense solution that should be available for the services being used here in the United States.

“When corporations offshore American jobs, our communities and workers suffer the consequences, just so corporations can pay lower wages than what workers in the U.S. make,” said Congressman Pocan. “The U.S. Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act is smart policy – supported by both Republicans and Democrats – that will help keep call center jobs in the U.S. and help prevent the loss of economic activity in communities across the country. We must do more to support American workers and our economy, and we can start by ensuring that corporations that ship jobs overseas aren’t rewarded with federal grants and loans.”

“Protecting and creating American jobs should be Congress’ top priority,” said Congressman McKinley. “Plain and simple, we should not be rewarding companies for moving jobs offshore. This bill does not mandate that companies keep call centers here in America, but simply says if you move call center jobs offshore, you don’t receive funding from the government. This should be common sense.”

Pocan McKinley HR 3219 US Call Center and Consumer Protection Act of 2019

If you agree please contact your Member of Congress and tell them that you support keeping American call centers open and that they should too. We should not reward offshoring. We should not reward more outsourcing to overseas vendors to boost profits at the expense of customer service and American jobs. Keep demanding that American workers get put first.