FOR the people – BY the people

American Workers First

We exist for one reason – to make sure American workers are being treated fairly and justly. For too long in this country the ultra-wealthy through political lobbying have created a rigged system that strips away workers rights and empowers mega-corporations.

It Ends Now

Demand The Change

The dirty corporate tactics and dark money lobbying will end. Laws enacted to weaken American workers must be stopped. It is no longer sufficient for politicians to talk about being America First. They must vote and act being Amiercan Workers First.

Disenfranchised No More

Use Your Voice

Gerrymandering, voter suppression, right to work, Citizens United, tax loopholes, corporate cronyism and pay-to-play lobbying has left American’s feeling jaded and left behind. We now turn that apathy to anger. We express that anger through exercising our American right to vote. A vote for politicians who through their words AND their actions prove that they are truly American Workers First.


American Jobs American Families

Start speaking out and demanding accountability today. Be part of those standing up for middle-class American working families. Act. Be American Workers First.