National Call Center Legislation

No One Likes Dialing Into Offshore Call Centers

There was once a time when you had an issue with your service that you could pick up the phone and speak to someone here in the United States to resolve your issues.  Those days are gone.  The advent of cheap, offshore labor has been destroying American call center jobs for decades.  That work use to provide good jobs for American workers.  It is now become a way for companies to cut costs and exploit tax loopholes and weak labor laws in foreign countries.

Mega-corporations learned during the 1990s that they could use foreign countries set up centers to answer phone calls for the products and services they sell here in the United States.  It allows them to pay their offshore workers pennies on the dollar and also then exploit tax loopholes to pay less in taxes than they would be operating in the United States.  It’s a dirty corporate tactic that has decimated a once stable American job market that held communities together.

The most disappointing aspect being – that everyone agrees that they don’t like it.  No one likes calling to find someone they have difficulty understanding who often times cannot even solve their problem.  This leads to being transferred multiple times and hoping to finally be connected to someone in the United States who can solve the problem.  If none of us like it – then why isn’t there legislation to curb the corporate behavior?

We need national call center legislation that incentivizes companies for not offshoring and outsourcing that call center work. We need corporations that engage in destroying good, American jobs through sending them overseas to not be eligible for tax breaks and benefits. We need an end to the American epidemic that is offshoring and outsourcing of work.  It leads to a poorer customer experience and also a greater risk of exposure as our personal information is being taken, held and stored in offshore locations.  It’s bad for American workers and bad for American consumers.

Many states have already implemented call center legislation.  It’s time to move forward with national call center bills to address the issue head on.  It’s time for all our elected officials who claim to support American workers to stop the systematic destruction of an entire industry.  It’s impossible for our American workers to compete on a level playing field when offshore tax rates are lower than they are here in the United States and where the workers are paid a fraction of the price due to poor labor conditions.  It’s time to start being American Workers First.

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