Stop Offshoring Federal Contracts

Sending Jobs Overseas? No Federal Contracts

Every year corporations receive billions of dollars in federal contracts to perform work for the United States government.  Companies like AT&T, General Motors, Wells Fargo and others are given contracts worth colossal sums of money.  Those very same companies are offshoring and outsourcing work to foreign countries while eliminating jobs here in America.  That’s wrong.

It makes no sense to give federal tax dollar contracts to companies that are actively engaged in destroying American jobs. The United States government should be incentivizing good corporate behavior by rewarding corporations that are creating and maintaining jobs here in America.

These federal contracts coupled with the lower tax rates given for offshore profits from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 are destroying American manufacturing and call center workers lives good, middle-class American jobs.  To truly be American Workers First all of our elected officials need to stand up and speak out against this practice.  They need to demand that federal contracts only be given to companies that engage in good corporate behavior that puts American Workers First.

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