Living Wages For All Americans

American Workers Deserve To Be Paid Their Worth

Wages in the United States have not kept pace with inflation and the cost of living.  While CEO wages have increased over 1,000% in the past ten years alone, the average buying power of an American worker has barely made any gains in over 40 years.  The cycle has to stop.

American workers deserve to be fairly compensated for the work that they provide. No longer is it acceptable for CEOs and other executives to receive grossly inflated salaries, extravagant benefits and stock options while the people working to make them that money are being paid at levels that keep them living in working poverty.

It’s time for an end to the income inequality that has been destroying the American middle-class for decades. All American workers deserve to valued at their job and treated with dignity and respect.  All American workers deserve to be paid a living wage.

It’s time for all our elected officials to stop catering to special interest groups that spend obscene amounts of money lobbying to undermine American workers.  It’s time to be American Workers First.

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