End Right to Work

It’s your Right to Work For Less

The term “right to work” is regarding the right of a worker to be obtain employment and not be required to join a labor union to do so even in what were previously closed shops.  When there are right to work laws in states that workers do not have to pay union dues for representation or collective bargaining regardless if other members have chosen to do so.  They essentially enjoy the same benefits of a dues paying member without having to contribute themselves.  They’re freeloaders and right to work is just union busting.

To use an analogy – consider who you voted for in the last election you participated in.  The outcome was not to your liking.  So you decide that because you don’t want to you are no longer going to pay taxes.  You still want to drive on the roads, send your children to the schools and have the police and fire department show up when you need them, however you no longer wish to pay for those benefits.  Is that a reasonable expectation?  Of course not, and neither is right to work.  It’s union busting and it’s weakened middle-class working Americans for decades.

Right to work lobbyists are funded by anti-union businesses to weaken organized labor.  States that are right to work have lower wages, less benefits and a significantly higher injury rates (50% higher) than non-right to work states.  The sole purpose of right to work laws is to tilt the balance of power from the workers to the employers.  It’s a rigging of an already flawed system that creates further income inequality and disenfranchises working class Americans.

American Workers First is calling for an end to right to work laws at a federal level.  States like Missouri are already overturning the laws that have been harming their workers for years.  It’s time for all our elected officials to stop pandering to large corporations and their anti-union lobbying groups and instead start supporting the workers who are the backbone of this country.

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